Amy represents KerfootLab at the MSSOC Celebration of Champions

Originally posted 2014/10/30

Amy was in Toronto last Friday (October 24, 2014) for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada’s Celebration of Champions, an event held in each fall to honor top fundraisers from MS Bike events in Ontario. We posted previously about our participation in this year’s Grand Bend to London event, and Amy was invited to the Celebration of Champions to represent researchers funded by the MSSOC.

Amy had the chance to tell attendees about how MSSOC programs, like the endMS Summer School (described here), have impacted her training as an MSc student and influenced her ongoing interest in MS, as well as how funding from the MSSOC has allowed us to discover new things about the B cells that contribute to autoimmune disease and destruction of myelin in the brain.

Thank you again to all supporters of the MS Bike and other MSSOC events! A lot of the excellent MS research currently performed in Canada would not happen without your efforts.