Our very own science outreach week

Originally posted 2014/11/20

There is a lot of good (and not so good) science communication available on the web these days, but we think that it’s a particularly good idea for us to get out of the lab and explain what we’re up to ourselves. An opportunity to talk to real live people, rather than through a computer, is rare and so this was a big week for us with not one, but two public outreach events!

On Sunday Steve participated in Western University’s 2014 Fall Preview Day by delivering a Mock Lecture to prospective students and their parents. They learned about how the immune system decides what to attack and how you become immune to an infectious disease. We’re looking forward to seeing these students in our Microbiology and Immunology courses in a couple of years.

an MSologist

an MSologist

Last night (Wednesday) Steve participated in “Ask and MSologist Night” organized by Multiple Sclerosis Western, a student-run organization for those interested in learning about MS and supporting MS research. Along with a neurologist from the London MS clinic, we had an interesting discussion about what we do and don’t know about MS and its cause(s). KerfootLab members were there in support!

We’re always looking for ways to talk to non-scientists about immunology and our research. Hopefully we’ll be able participate in more events like this in the near future, but in the mean time, let us know if there’s anything that you’d like to read about on this site.