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current lab members


Steve kerfoot, phd

lab head

Steve Kerfoot obtained his PhD from the University of Calgary, where he trained with Dr. Robert Bell and later with Dr. Paul Kubes studying brain inflammation. He then spent six years at Yale University investigating different aspects of basic B cell biology, first with Dr. Philip Askenase and then with Drs. Ann Haberman and Mark Shlomchik (now at U Pitt).

Dr. Kerfoot returned to Canada in the fall of 2011 to join the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Western University, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. He is currently an Associate Professor in the department and a member of the Centre for Human Immunology.


Heather craig, RLAT RVT


I spend my time caring for our mouse colonies, doing experiments, and keeping the lab organized as the lab technician. I am also the main contact person for our intravital microscopy collaborations with other research groups.


kate parham, phd

post-doctoral fellow

Funding: MSSOC PDF Fellowship

I came to Canada from Australia to join the lab 2016 after completing training in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (BSc Hon) and Vascular Biology (PhD) at the University of South Australia and Centre for Cancer Biology. My project aims to identify novel interaction properties in the autoimmune response which can be targeted as potential therapies to preferentially limit autoimmunity without adverse effects on helpful immune responses to foreign antigens. To do this, I use intravital multiphoton microscopy to visulalise interacting T and B cells in live animals.


rajiv jain, msc

phd candidate

  • '13 BMSC Honors student

  • '14 Accelerated MSc student

Funding: MSSOC PhD Studentship

My research focuses on learning about how B and T cell interactions direct B cell fate choices during germinal center responses. To accomplish this, we compare the immune response directed against a model foreign antigen, NP-OVA, and the immune response that develops to a model autoantigen, MOG, a commonly targeted antigen in Multiple Sclerosis. From this research we hope to understand the basic biology that explains why B cells choose one differentiation path over another and to use this knowledge to manipulate autoreactive B cells to differentiate into non-pathogenic B cell subsets or block their differentiation entirely.


yodit tesfagiorgis, bmsc (hon)

phd candidate

  • '15 BMSC Honors student

Funding: MSSOC PhD Studentship

I first joined the lab as an honors project student in my final year of my undergrad degree, but decided to stay to continue my project in grad school. In my research, I am investigating the B cells that invade the spinal cord in a mouse model of CNS autoimmune disease, similar to Multiple Sclerosis. I am trying to understand how these cells promote chronic inflammation and local tissue damage.


Lab alumni


grad students

Amy Dang.jpeg

Amy Dang, MSc

Current position: Project Coordinator at WORLDiscoveries, Asia.


Undergraduate Students

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Yomna El-Sakka, BMSC Honors '18

Current position: Clinical Trials Management Diploma Program, Western University.

2017 lab group pic_2071.jpg

Maitri Makwana, BMSC Honors '18

Current position: Internship at Apotex Pharmaceutical

Alicia Pic.jpg

Alica Dakins, BMSC honors '17

Current position: Pharmacy student at the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy. 


Sarah zhu, bmsc honors '16

Current position: Medical student at McMaster University.


Emiliano Romanchik, BMSC honors '14

Current position: Technologist at Sanofi Pasteur, making vaccines. 


Kathleen Walsh, Scholar's Electives '16

Current position: Medical student at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Genotyping and support crew

We have a great team of Work Study students who help us with genotyping our mouse colonies, data analysis, and keeping the lab running.

Current Team:

  • Jasdeep Sandhu

  • Saad Khan

  • Sherry Tan

Previous members:

  • Rachelle Cann

  • Dipen Soni

  • Irene (Irit) Bondar

  • Manvir Kahlon

  • Philip Radojcic

  • Irene (Irit) Bondar

  • Tammy Ng

  • Calwing Liao

  • Rachelle Cann

  • Benjamin Fuhrmann

  • Aboudie Abouzid

  • David Seo

  • Peter Shih

  • Salim Hassan

  • Dasom Yoo

  • Allan Younes

  • John Berger