SPRINT Team visits the lab

Originally posted 2014/02/18

The endMS Research and Training Network, an initiative of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, runs a unique multidisciplinary program for research trainees. This program includes a summer school on MS-related topics (read more here) and a year-long mentored project for a select group of senior PhD students and post docs called the SPRINT program (Scholar Program for Researchers IN Training, read more here).

Amy from the lab and I had a chance to attend the 2013 Summer School hosted in Vancouver, and I’m currently leading a small SPRINT team (Julia O’Mahony, Health Economics UofT, and Sandra Meyers, MRI Physics, UBC). In our project, we are reviewing animal models for MS from the perspectives of researchers who normally work with human subjects, with the goal of improving communication between basic bench Immunologists and more clinically-focused researchers.

Sandra (left) and Julia (right) were visiting Western this week to learn about the models we use in the lab. Here they are, trying to avoid getting too close to one of them.